IELTS Ideas And Vocabulary

IELTS Ideas And Vocabulary
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  • Tác giả: Carolyn Catt
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Giới thiệu sách IELTS Ideas And Vocabulary

Carolyn Catt

Carolyn Catt

IELTS Ideas And Vocabulary:
This book can be used for-study o­n your own, or in a class with other students.
The exercises in the book will help you prepare for the topics and indeas that you may be asked to talk about in the speaking test or to write abuot in task 2 of the writing test. The same topics and ideas may also occur in the listening test and in the academic module reading test.

“IELTS Ideas And Vocabulary” can be used in self-study mode by learners working alone, or inthe classroom by teachers working with groups of learners. The teacher’s Notes section provides suggestions o­n tasks and classroom management techniques to provide opprtunities for communicative and collaborative work in the classroom.

When preparing for the IELTS test, many students encounter difficulties in their expression and comprehension of indeas o­n friquently encountered IELTS topics because.

– They have little knowledge about those topics.
– They have insufficient language relating to those topics.

This lack of o­nformation and also of topic-specific language can casue them problem in both their productive skills and also in the receptive skills.

IELTS Ideas And Vocabulary was written to address these difficulties. The materials present learners with ideas relevatn to common IELTS topics; they also support learners in the development and expression of their own ideas and opinions. The units include texts and tasks that.

Unit 1: Food
Unit 2: Family
Unit 3: Clothing
Unit 4: Housing
Unit 5: Pets
Unit 6: Cities
Unit 7: Leisure
Unit 8: Transport
Unit 9: Traffic
Unit 10: Holidays
Unit 11: Lifestyles
Unit 12: Education
Unit 13: Work.

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